RealWorld Cursor Editor


Design innovative pointers and give your PC a new appearence


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Personalizing every aspect of our computer is a more and more common tendency and for the followers of this philosophy filled with originality and creative spirit there are always new opportunities.

If you already have your own desktop image, a personalized screensaver, your Windows menus organised as you like them and maybe a creative tools bar, now you can add your own pointers to all of this thanks to RealWorld Cursor Editor.

This program puts at its users disposal a complete editing panel through which his ideas can be shaped or be used to modify an existing one.

RealWorld Cursor Editor allows you to create `static´ as well as `animated´ pointers, allowing you to start from scratch on your projects or use an already existing image.

To carry out the creation of pointers, RealWorld Cursor Editor has a simple interface that follows the standard templates regarding image editing software, making each job simple and innovative.

The program is free for non-commercial use.

It supports BMP, JPEG y PNG formats.

It requires Windows XP, 2003 or Vista.

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